rave client reviews for content marketing services

West Eleven Lane

Interior Design Firm

Interior Designer Leann DePerri of West Eleven Lane approached me because she was feeling stuck on her website’s landing page copy. As a talented designer, she knew what message and tone she wanted to convey, but she was coming up short on how to craft a concise, engaging introduction that would convert website visitors into paying clients.

After a free phone consult to learn more about her business, brand voice and goals, I delivered on-target copy that sounded like Leann… only better. The copy helped her to land two major clients within the first couple of months!

But don’t take my word for it! Leann’s testimonial says it best:

rave client reviews for content marketing services

As a new business owner, I have been incredibly selective when it comes to where I invest capital. I knew that good copy was imperative for getting my business off the ground in a new state and a new industry. I had easily 20 copy-writers respond to my need for assistance back in December, but as soon as Heather came around I knew my search was over. The others were great writers, no doubt… but when I read Heather’s home page, I felt as though she were sitting right there right in front of me, speaking directly to me. And I knew if she was able to attract me that effectively, then she would attract other like-minded folks that I would love to work with as an interior designer.

Heather’s process was incredibly fast and professional. She really took the time to get to know me, my business, and my goals through effective interviewing. I had the final product in my lap in less than a week – impressive.

This morning (now early March), I hopped on a call with a local Property Owner/Contractor with whom I connected on Instagram just last evening. On the call, he expressed interest in bringing me on as his designer and part of a package deal for a 61 condo vacation property in one town and 2 luxury condos in a second town.

The kicker? He had spent time reviewing my site prior to the call and his direct quote to me was:

“Your copy is spot on”.

I can’t promise you the same results that I’ve seen so far because there are certainly other variables that come into play in business, but I can promise you that it is absolutely worth hiring a copy-writer and that Heather is an outstanding choice.”

– Leann DePerri, March 2018

More Rave Reviews

“As a business owner, there are some tasks that you recognize you just aren’t suited for. I was struggling with filling in some of the blanks for my website, so I turned to Heather. She met with me to get an idea of what I was wanting, the tone and culture of my company. What she gave me was spot on. The language was eloquent, concise and got my message across. I will definitely be using her services again in the future. ”

~ Ryan Kaufman, Thrive Therapeutic Massage

MoonDog Media of Portland OR worked with West Eleven Lane to help create content for their website

“​​I had Heather do three rack cards for me. I showed her my vision and she created these amazing cards for me to hand out to my clients. I also told her my budget and she was able to keep it right in there. She also helped me fine-tune a speech I needed to present. Thanks, Heather!”

~ Pam Mills, Change For The Health Of It

MoonDog Media of Portland OR worked with Pam Mills to help create content for her speech.

“Heather helped me with the copy for my website and I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out! She also helped me with some design elements. She has an incredible eye for detail and I was extremely impressed with her creative talent and suggestions when we built the website. I’m very grateful for her help!”

~ Jesse Tishkoff, Pawsitive Steps PDX

MoonDog Media of Portland OR worked with Pawsitive Steps to help create content for their website.